Instant Screen Recorder

Easily record and share videos online in just one click

  • Share up to one-minute videos online
    Up to 30 minutes with PRO
  • Save up to 5 minutes videos locally
    Up to 4 hours with PRO
  • Record both sound and mic
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How To Record Video

Right click on the Floomby icon in the taskbar (tray), then select Capture video.

Select an area and the recording starts instantly. When the recording is done a link is automatically copied to your clipboard.


CTRL+SHIFT+Both mouse buttons at the same time
CTRL+SHIFT+Left mouse click on the task bar icon

My Captures

Access all your videos, screenshots and files in My Captures. Remove any unwanted file whenever you want.

Change Settings

Change hotkeys at your convenience. Just open the Video tab in the app settings window.

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