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Just press both mouse buttons at the same time and your screenshot is ready!

Quick access

Instantly access video capture and screenshot functions using your mouse or a keyboard.

  • Mouse and keyboard hotkeys
  • Works fast. REALLY fast.

Capture Video

A picture is worth a thousand words but video is even better! Capture video and instantly share it.

  • Records both sound and microphone
  • Up to 4 hours in duration
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Add arrows, draw lines, doodle or type text.

Use hotkeys to activate the editor or change your settings so it shows up every time.


Share Files

Upload files to the cloud and share the link with anyone.

  • Send files in just one click

Cloud Storage

All the files are stored in the cloud for instant access anytime from any device. The files won't eat up space on your computer or phone.


Ian Peterson
You guys are awesome! This is the best app for screenshots and videos!
Alexander Tsybyakov
Really cool app. Please add mic and system sound recording at the same time.
John Samuelson
I just want to thank you for continuing to update and improve the Floomby app!
Pavel Grudin
Start sharing screenshots and videos easier than ever before

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