Screen capture videos with just 2 clicks

Free Download for Windows 10/8/7


How it works:

Easily record and share short videos of up to 1 minute when saving in the cloud and up to 60 minutes when saving to your local disk. Floomby captures both sound and microphone!

Make explanatory videos, record video conferences, and capture game replays with just one app!

Video example:

How to record videos:

  • Right click on “Floomby” icon in the taskbar (tray), then select Capture video
  • Use Hotkeys: CTRL+SHIFT+PrtScr or CTRL+SHIFT+Two mouse buttons in the same time or CTRL+SHIFT+Left mouse click on the icon in the taskbar.

Then just select an area you want to capture and the recording will start immediately.

You can access all your previously saved videos in ‘My captures’ here:

You can also change your Hotkeys and saving options in the app program settings, tab "Video"

Still have questions?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us via Floomby official Facebook page or feedback form.